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Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to the first post of Jasmine’s Garage.

This blog has been a long time in the making. Depending on your powers of perception, your foresight or premonitions, you will soon realise that I love all things automotive!

My name is Jasmine. I am a collector of 1:60(ish) scale diecast cars. My favourites are Hot Wheels (d’uh), Majorette, Matchbox, Corgi, Johnny Lightning, and, if it were possible for me to get my paws on them, Tomica. I also restore and customise models, and will be showing those too.

Unfortunately I have no fancy studios in which to photograph my models, but I am working on creating a diorama whereby I can give these really cool creatures justice.

You are probably here for one or a number of reasons. Either you love everything automobile related, like me. Or you like seeing big things in miniature… like me. Or, you may have randomly followed a link here, in which case you’re an internet explorer. Like me. Whatever reason you are here, we have something in common!

I will be posting photos of the vehicles in my collection (it is well into the hundreds and growing always, so there will be plenty of posts to come). I will also delve into a little bit of information about the vehicle in question, as I am also fascinated by the story behind each car – the real thing, and the model too.

I will also be giving my opinions on the cars. Obviously!

Please enjoy the photographs, and be sure to give your opinions if you want to.



Graphic designer, writer for Classic American auto magazine, journalist.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog!

  1. Jasmine
    Wonderfully done! Simply a truly great first post of this blog. So well written with a high reverence for your main topic with a similar devotion to a scholarship; your genius sparkles through out.


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