The “Backwoods Bomb” and the 1970s Camper

You cannot help but love this thing.

First of all, I’d like to meet the person who doesn’t feel like driving a dismountable RV across a country on an adventure. Then I’d like to slap some sense into them, because driving any kind of RV on a cross-country adventure sounds like one of the best things to do.

But what makes a dismountable attached to a pickup much cooler is that your home goes wherever your pickup can go.

And as Jeremy Clarkson proved on BBC Top Gear, pickups can be just about the most indestructible, versatile things in the world.

Cree campers were supposedly the first to appear in the 1940s, and the trend was set – now there are hundreds of bespoke, custom-built campers.

The Model

I was super excited to see the Backwoods Bomb model on the pegs, because it was the only one there, and since the Road Trippin’ series first appeared, I’d been eager to find it.

I wouldn’t normally buy “fantasy” cars but Hot Wheels have a few I’m very much interested in, the Time Attaxi being another – I’ve yet to see that in this country though.

The truck obviously isn’t licensed, but it doesn’t need to be, since the truck isn’t the focus of the model – the detachable camper is.

However, this model debuted in 1974 and resembles any number of contemporary pickups around that time – Ford, Chevy, Dodge, you name it – blend them together and you get the Backwoods Bomb.

It’s also metal body on metal base, which means it’s very heavy, and rolls really well. If I had made the model, I might have raised the ride height to increase its outdoorsy look, but it’s a rugged looking car nonetheless.

As part of the Road Trippin’ series, it sports “Turquoise Trail” livery, and rather appropriately, a turquoise coloured camper attachment.

I wonder what the turquoise trail refers to? The road in New Mexico? Or maybe it’s a rolling Crystal Meth lab?

These campers were all the rage back in the 1970s I believe, and I am sure I had a Chinese-made truck camper toy as well – but that didn’t detach.

I love the detailing on the camper (the door, windows, texture) and the weight of the model, and though the side profile of the truck alone isn’t all to my taste with the shape of the rear bed, I do like the front grille design and boxiness.

Hope you enjoy the photos!


Featured image: truck_camper, by Grant Harder. Flickr. Original


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