Little Britons: MG 1100/ADO16

Launched in 1962, the MG 1100 was for many years Britain's best selling car - but it's hard to say if the Matchbox equivelant here matched the success of BMC's delightful compact. If you're going to buy a compact car, then and now it's the same - the Europeans do it best. The Car: MG... Continue Reading →


Stuttgart Superstar: Mercedes-Benz 300SE (W112)

Dazzling me with its┬ámetallic-gold paint, this car was one that ached to be picked up. Found in an antiques store in Horncastle, this is not the first time I have found a Mercedes-Benz in the exact same cabinet - the last one was the 230 SL roadster. The Car: Mercedes-Benz W111/112 There are so few... Continue Reading →

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