Muscle Mania

Hot Wheels are always going to catch the eye. They just pop, which is what keeps me coming back. I’m not hard to please, and bright colours have always been my way of finding small joy in the world. I mean, I like the cars too. But the colour adds to it.


It helps when the cars are real though. And the Hot Wheels Muscle Mania 5-pack is one heck of a cool multipack.

However, it did cost me £7.50. Seven fifty! That’s £1.50 per car.

Considering the regular price for an indivudual Hot Wheel at the store I was in is £1.30, charging an extra 20p for buying them in a multipack makes about as much sense as square wheels.

Consider, as well, that when bought together, the Matchboxes from my last discovery cost £1.30 per car. Why do these cost so much, I wonder? Does Mattel not want them to sell fast in the UK?

Either way, I got them, because just look at that Mustang. Look at it POP with that metallic gold paint. Wow, I wish you could see it in person because the photos do not do him justice.


I think the wheels must help.

The pack came with the Mustang (no date, but I’m going to use my American Classic knowledge to hazard 1969) the 1974 Dodge Charger (amazing colour again, but disappointing lack of interior piece and blacked out plastic windows), Chevy Nomad (is that a 1955 grille? I think it is) 1967 Pontiac Firebird 400 in blue, and the classic Black ’64 Impala. Super cool!

Pretty sure that’s a ’55 Chevy, but correct me if I’m wrong. Hot Wheels tend to distort the model a little for hot rodding reasons, so it can be hard to be 100% accurate.

I love it when they throw in a mix of classic castings with new ones.

But let’s address the elephant in the room here – that Chevy Nomad used to have a metal base. And damn if it’s annoying now that it doesn’t. It’s strange, the car almost feels smaller without it. Maybe that’s just me.


So, yes, I may complain about the price. £1.50 is seemingly a lot for a little toy car. But I guess I’d buy them no matter how much they cost, wouldn’t I?

My “coolness” rank for these cars (1 being the coolest, of course)

  1. Mustang
  2. ’64 Impala
  3. ’74 Dodge Charger
  4. Chevy Nomad
  5. ’67 Firebird

5 thoughts on “Muscle Mania

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  1. You are right, pricing 5 at £7.50 when 1 is £1.30 doesn’t make sense. Here there is similar pricing nonsense, a ten pack of Hot Wheels cars is 79 lari, when one costs 6.90 lari…a ten pack is bound to come with one or two you don’t want….
    As for muscle cars…Hot Wheels has them in abundance….I have so many Mustangs and Corvettes in my collection ….I picked up a couple of Plymouths this month for variety.


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