When you speak too soon…


I may have spoken a little strongly in my last post.

My scathing criticism of Matchbox distribution in this country seems to have been met with swift rebuttal. No sooner had I done so, I entered the Poundland stores in my city to be met by an entire wall of Matchbox cars. The pegs were chock full! Okay, so maybe 90% were peg warmers, but I found some gems hidden in there.

I think this is a good sign. With some of the fantastic models currently being released, and UK distribution improving, UK collectors are finally getting the same opportunity as the folks across the pond.


The VW Transporter Double-Cab is one of the most hyped-up models this year. Thank goodness it’s finally here. I’ve heard there are two variations – one comes with tools in the loading bed I believe. This is the vanilla version.


Now comes up this fantastic classic Seagrave Fire engine. I’ve long wanted to add it to my fire truck collection (which I’ll try and put together some day). The green is a little unconventional. But when it sparkles, and with it being off set by that gold and silver, wow! It looks superb.


The “Gerry’s Bike Tours” livery is indicative that the crew-cab should have been released in the summer, when we in Europe were all tuned in to le tour. As for the Twitter handles, shame on you, Matchbox! Oh well, it is 2016.


Three more cars, two new for me. I had the Hot Wheels Chrysler 300 in silver, which had that big-wheel look to it, so it’s great to have a realistic version of the car. And wow, it looks handsome in that shade of red.


We all love a land-yacht, don’t we? I’ve got two other versions of the Cadillac Sedan DeVille, one of which is undergoing a customization. I might do the second as a custom too – what do we think? Blue, perhaps? Since I can’t find the other colours in stores, I’m as well making my own.


Finally, I never would have really expected to be interested in an Infiniti. It’s Nissan’s luxury arm, and Nissan are hardly what we’d call “interesting” – well, that is, unless you’re one of those JDM lovers (not for me, sorry). The 2010 G37 coupe is a handsome design though, with beautiful details on the front and rear.


Hope you enjoyed the photos! Happy hunting!


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