Car of the year 2016

It was difficult coming up with a way to end the year. It’s been a bad one for most people… what with all the celebrity deaths and the political upheaval both here and across the seas, there’ve been complaints aplenty. For me, it’s not been so bad! Especially for Jasmine’s Garage, which has grown more than I ever expected it to.

It was a humble start, but finally entering into the online die-cast collecting community has been rewarding. Not only have I made some excellent friends, I’ve learned a lot myself – I’ve learned more about the die-cast car world and its foibles, and I’ve set my eye on so many models that I need to collect!

My personal collection has swollen in the last few months as a result, and looking back at these pictures from not too long ago has made me realise just how much the blog has developed over a short period of time.

It makes me wonder what 2017 yields, and just where this site will be this time next year.

I thought it would be fun to cap 2016 off with a “car of the year” post. Since there are so many cars popping up here and there on the blog, I decided to only include cars I have featured on the blog in depth – which came to 20. A good round number! So, I sent this image around and asked people to vote on their favourite. I’ll be revealing the winner on New Year’s day.

All the best!



  1. Corgi Rover 3500 (SD1)
  2. Matchbox Citroen SM
  3. Matchbox MG 1100
  4. Matchbox (Ford) Camper
  5. Matchbox Kenworth
  6. Matchbox Mercedes-Benz 300SE
  7. Realtoy Honda S2000
  8. Matchbox Ford LTD Police Car
  9. Majorette Chrysler 180
  10. Hot Wheels ’71 Chevrolet El Camino
  11. Matchbox Citroen CX
  12. Hot Wheels “Backwoods Bomb”
  13. Majorette Ford Capri
  14. Hot Wheels ’63 Ford Thunderbird
  15. Majorette Volvo 245 DL
  16. Majorette Citroen C3 Pluriel
  17. Majorette Saab 900 Turbo
  18. Corgi Ford Capri
  19. Matchbox Rover 3500 (SD1)
  20. Matchbox Ford Escort Cabriolet

3 thoughts on “Car of the year 2016

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    1. I’ll be honest Jim, the reason I did this post was because I saw yours! I thought it was a great idea to round off the year with something like you did)) and the Citroen SM is a great car. I mentioned on my feature that I had the opportunity to sit inside one, and there’s just something about them that captivates you.

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