Matchbox ’59 Chevrolet Brookwood Wagon, “Mr Bean” 1964 green Austin Mini Cooper, silver Mercedes SLR McLaren, finally arrive in the UK!

I have ranted, and I have raved, and I have probably annoyed and bored more people than I care to mention when it comes to Matchbox… but, it seems my ranting days are over.

Just today I cancelled an order for a Matchbox five-pack which had been improperly advertised, so I technically had a good £11-12 dedicated to Matchbox return. What was I going to spend it on? I had resigned myself to disappointment until I could find what I wanted again.

But when I went into my local Asda Living, I was staggered to see row-on-row of Matchbox cars. Finally, they had restocked!

So, instead of me rabbiting on (I’ve done enough of that already) I’m going to share photos of the latest additions. Yes, lots of generics, but my goodness, look what was in there with them!

For those who are collecting in the UK, get yourself to Asda. I made the bone-chilling discovery that there is a scalper in my city – so the only way to beat them is to get there first! Looks like it was my lucky day…

’59 Chevrolet Brookwood Wagon


What a beautiful car! I had reservations given there was a lot of online complaining about the sans-interior Matchbox of 2017, but it doesn’t bug me. One of my favourite Matchbox cars is the 1958 Vauxhall Cresta. No interior on that, either. And this model has a roof accessory…


This is probably the model I was most excited to see in 2017. I write for a magazine which deals in classic American cars, so you can understand my love when this was announced. Hopefully I’ll have enough in future so I can start customising, and I can’t wait to see a variety of colours appear on this model.


It was a much darker colour than I thought, and this shade of red doesn’t show up particularly well on photos for some reason.


The car cuts a really clean profile.


It even looks nice without the canoe, although there is one thing I don’t really like…


That ugly big slot. Sure, I won’t be seeing it often, as I intend to keep the canoe in place, but I still wish they’d have come up with something a little different. Oh well. This is nonetheless a fantastic casting. I was beginning to convince myself I’d never find it, either through poor distribution or the scalpers getting to it first. But at last, I have it.

1964 Austin Mini Cooper


Here’s another superb model, and not just because it’s Mr. Bean’s car (or a close representation – Mr. Bean’s was a 70s model, not a 60s, and it had salient features such as a padlock on the door!). This Mini is fantastic because it’s also a £1.50 toy, it’s tastefully done, and it’s something nearly everyone can identify.


It looks amazing with the disc wheels. The fact the team chose to do it in Mr. Bean livery will make this model much more desirable than any of the Minis that came before it, I believe. I was so impressed by the level of detail, I actually decided to compare it to my Tomica Mini, which is of course my favourite Mini model…


When you remember I paid around £7 for the Tomica, and the Matchbox cost £1.50, then you really have to be impressed. It’s a modern toy, and it doesn’t look out of place next to what is now a collectible.


The Tomica is a Mk3, hence it lacks the door hinges seen on the Matchbox. Of course it has smaller wheels, and so has a little more realism to it, but the Matchbox wheels look great, and I prefer the colour on the Matchbox (although the Metalflake on the Tomica looks awesome).


The Matchbox lacks tampos on the rear, which is unfortunate, but I can forgive that. It’s adorable even without.

Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren


This is just another one of those models you couldn’t wait to see return. This also happens to be the first time I’ve managed to find one, and in the wild no less! Mercedes-Benz has returned to Matchbox with a bang.


Of course this has wonderful front and rear tampos. Of course it has ten-spokes. It’s just super!


The Matchbox Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaron is a gorgeous casting in every sense, and I am overjoyed that it has returned, and I was able to find one (well, two!)


Matchbox are going in the right direction. I’ve been sitting here for a while now, checking out the pegs, feeling utterly despondent. My only complaints about Matchbox in recent months has been of distribution – and now I can’t complain about it. I’ve got some of the most beautiful models in my collection sitting right in front of me, and I hope everyone who wants these models as badly as I did will get them soon.

The future is looking bright for this brand, at long last… I simply hope this new “golden age” lasts longer than the previous one…


Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoyed the pics.



4 thoughts on “Matchbox ’59 Chevrolet Brookwood Wagon, “Mr Bean” 1964 green Austin Mini Cooper, silver Mercedes SLR McLaren, finally arrive in the UK!

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  1. Those new Matchbox models look great. The slot on the Chevy’s roof is ugly if you take the boat off. The Mini is missing the door padlock to truly be a Mr Bean replica, but I agree it represents fantastic value. I haven’t seen any of the new Matchbox castings here yet.


    1. Hi Jim! I bet it would have not been cost effective to add the Mr Bean licensing onto the rest of the model, and so they only hinted at it with the colour. I agree about the roof slot, though as a collector I won’t be worrying about removing the luggage. It reminds me of the Lesney Fiat 1500 with the roof rack! Finding Matchbox is difficult here too, so far Asda appear to be claiming a monopoly on the more desirable models and the 2017 range. Hope you can find them, they’re super to look at.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The Ford Corsair in the regular wheels range from the same era as the Fiat 1500 had a boat on the roof, I have a very playworn Corsair missing its boat and roof rack but with no ugly hole in the roof…


      2. Ah yes, of course. I’ve never actually seen that model with the boat still attached though. It would have been much better to use that method, but I would guess the team decided missing out a big portion of the diecast roof would be more advantageous cost wise.

        Liked by 1 person

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