The Majorette Mercedes AMG-GT looks fantastic with or without racing stripes

AMG’s bespoke sports car is German breeding at its finest, and Majorette have captured it brilliantly here.

Picking up Majorette last year wasn’t easy. I discovered quite late in the year that Tesco had been stocking them, and so managed to pick up a few models, but after a while, the stock had gone, and I went back to daydreaming. 2016 truly was a depressing year for model car collecting.

However, not long ago, Toys R Us answered my prayers. The pegs were once more full, and I have since been back regularly to pick up their new models – a task made easier by a regularly replenished stock:


Last summer I managed to find a Racing Cars 3 pack which contained the Renault Clio Cup, the Porsche GT3 RS and the Mercedes AMG-GT. A truly great set… the cars look superb. However, I happened to have already been looking for the AMG-GT, but not the racing stripes one primarily:

Majorette are really pushing their brand nowadays, which is great. Their website is functional and shows the different lines. Even Hot Wheels has a list on their website which shows you which models are new and ready to collect. I don’t understand why Matchbox haven’t done the same thing – Matchbox need to have a list of vehicles on their website for collectors, instead of doing this bizarre route of only updating us through Instagram and the Lamley Group. Make it more accessible.

Anyway, the yellow AMG-GT has been on my want list for a while, and I’m happy to declare that I finally managed to find it, and can now do a side-by-side comparison between the two cars.





I am finding it really hard to come up with a favourite. The red on white racing livery is sharp and gives the car a super profile. But I love yellow on sports cars, and it’s also a colour I’m more likely to see on the road.



The yellow AMG-GT has more attention to detail with the rear branding – the AMG GT badging is printed, however it seems to be a little off-center on this model. Majorette could have done a little better with the application.



Both cars come with squishy, working suspension, and the gap between the wheels and the arches isn’t too severe – it actually sits nice and low.



The black rims have proven a popular choice for a lot of Majorette castings, and while they work nicely here, I think I would prefer if the Majorette regular lines had a more basic hub cap style. Matchbox are the clear winners for wheel design right now.


The full tampo treatment is impressive, and the £2 price I believe I paid for this model is very reasonable.


All the Majorette premium models have opening parts.


My verdict: I can’t decide! But if I had the choice to pick up only one of these models of the shelf – I think I would go for the yellow one. It just comes out better in photos, the yellow is very eye-catching, and I will always be more interested in a car that looks like it belongs on the road instead of the race track.

Fortunately I didn’t have to make that decision, and these two models just look superb together.

Thanks for reading!


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