Big fun on small wheels: The delightful RC “can cars” of Revell

It’s time for something a little different…

If you mentioned Radio Control cars to me, I wouldn’t show much interest. When I was young, toy cars were powered by hand! However, when I came across these two examples from Statford-upon-Avon this weekend, I thought they’d be a novel addition to my model collection.


These are by American toy company Revell, and are 1:64/near scale radio control toy cars. Totally unexpected!

Searching online, not much information exists about these models, and even Revell’s website didn’t give much help – other than they seem to have been around for some time. I don’t know if the four listed on the packaging here are the only four currently in circulation. I have also seen licensed models for sale on Amazon, in the same style. In fact, the cans have the German website listed, suggesting these came from Revell’s German arm.


As far as details go, these are unlicensed models, so you can’t enter into a critical analysis of how well they have captured the vehicle. However, they seem to take styling cues from recognisable brands. For example the black one is reminding me of a Range Rover Evoque, side profile wise, and the red one seems to have the look of an Aston Martin V8 Vantage… you can argue with me on that one though!

The bodies are plastic, and come with a lot of tampos. The wheels are in two parts, as the tyres are separate to the rims.


And these things really can move when fully charged! Inside each of the “cans” is the car, which is attached to the handset. The car is unclipped by depressing a button. There is also an antenna which attaches to the handset, and four traffic cones.

The handset takes two AA batteries, which charges the car when it is docked, and provides power to a unique frequency which drives the model. There are four way controls – forward and reverse, and left and right. These cars aren’t the most maneuverable of vehicles, but they sure as heck are fun!


But let’s all admit that the coolest feature about these cars is the working headlights! When driving forward, the headlights are lit, while in reverse, as you might expect, the tail lights will glow.

Rest assured, it was my husband driving, not I!

It’s like Buzz Lightyear has just arrived, and the Hot Wheels and Matchbox are all sitting there in shock, awe, and bitter envy.


I don’t think these are going to prove a hit like Hot Wheels (especially considering the £9.99 price tag) but I doubt you’ll have as much fun with a Hot Wheel as you can with these Mini-RC Revells.





Thanks for reading!


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