Hot Wheels Hot Hatch: 2016 Ford Focus RS

The third generation Ford Focus RS was hotly anticipated to continue its namesake’s chart-topping success in the UK, but also marked the debut of the model in the US market – so no wonder Hot Wheels chose to make it. I was lucky enough to find it today, and doesn’t it just look fabulous in its signature colour – “Nitrous Blue”!

Hot Wheels ’16 Ford Focus RS


I was collecting Hot Wheels almost exclusively until recently, when Matchbox and Majorette were suddenly in the stores again. I had bought plenty of vintage Lesneys in the meantime, but with the return of Matchbox to the stores (well, store) I’ve fallen more in love with the licensed Matchboxes with their superior detail and stock look.

A family car with styling that can scare them away!

But occasionally there is a Hot Wheels that I just fall in love with! And this Ford Focus is one. It is right that Hot Wheels did this one, too – the “I’m going to eat your children” attitude of this family hatchback makes it a little too extreme for a modern Matchbox.


While I love the chrome 5-spokes that have been on Hot Wheels for a long time, I’m confused as to why they did not do a more accurate black design on this car. Still, no complaints about the wheel choice.


There are no tail light tampos, which is a shame, because that would have turned this casting from terrific to brilliant. A license plate and tail lights? I might have to add some of my own, because that will break up the blue at the rear very nicely.


The blue colour pops, and it just leaped out at me on the pegs. A nice little touch on the back is the RS lettering. Also, check out that rear skid plate and exhaust pipes – nicely captured details.


It reminds me a lot of the recent Matchbox Volvo V60 in Polestar Blue. In fact…

Nitrous blue or Polestar blue? 

Yes! I thought they’d look great side-by-side. The cheeky Volvo and the grumpy Ford. A good pair!

The interior can’t really be seen because the glass is tinted quite dark, but there looks to be a nice level of detail on the interior dash. The body moulding is nice however the paint is thick in some places. This is however a fun looking casting with lots of personality that has captured the little Ford well.

My verdict? Looks like I can’t restrict myself to just buying Matchboxes, when Hot Wheels are this good!




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