Five Minute Customs – Hot Wheels Honda Civic Si, + the new Honda S2000 and BMW M2

Nothing beats finding models in “the wild” that have been on your want list for a while. It might make more economic sense to simply order online, if you have the option, because I just had to fill my car up at £1.31/litre, and it gets expensive driving around looking for cars (which is why you ought to look for them while you’re doing more important tasks!).

But there’s something refreshing about walking into a shop and coming out with a couple of cars to just brighten the day up. Serendipity works wonders. Smyth’s toy stores probably stock the best selection of Hot Wheels cars in the UK, so you can almost always be guaranteed to find something of interest there. Today it happened to be the Honda Series hanging on the pegs that caught my eyes. Other sets there included the Gran Turismo and Lamborghini sets, as well as some Real-Rider Pop Culture series cars which would make great cars for wheel swaps but I can’t justify spending £6.99 for a pair of wheels, sadly.


I was limiting myself to two, and it happened to be a toss-up between the orange Hot Wheels Honda Civic SI from the 8-car Honda series, or the yellow Mitsubishi Lancer from the GT series. The Honda just captured my heart a little more (plus, I know nothing about Gran Turismo).


I hadn’t even left the shop before I’d decided it needed some headlights and tail-lights adding – so I apologise for not having any before and after shots! It didn’t take long to get some white, silver, and orange paint onto the headlights to make the colour pop a little more and give the car some character. I love the exhaust on the car – not that I’d ever condone anything like this in real life.


A car that required no thought at all was the Hot Wheels Honda S2000. When I started this blog a few years ago, I featured a Realtoy Honda S2000 in yellow and editorialised on what a great casting I thought it was, with fine details and bright colour. I’ve now got my second Honda S2000, the fabled Hot Wheel version first seen around 2011, in the Honda series metallic red. And what a gorgeous colour!


While I can’t say that Hot Wheels achieved superior attention to detail than the Realtoy, I can say it has a much bigger attitude, and that’s what appeals to me about Hot Wheels – character and personality. This Honda smacks of it, so it has to be in the collection! The paint, too, is superior by far, and catches the sunshine ever so well. It also looks really good on a coffee table.


Tampo application is typical Hot Wheels, so casting grooves don’t really line up with print borders, and it’s about 2 inches off the mark – but who cares, it’s still cute., and you’re only going to care if you’re taking close-up photos (also the front is much better than the rear, which is the bit you like. Right?).




Last to mention would be the BMW M2 which I found a few weeks ago. Really great colour on this one, and almost worthy of being a Matchbox car. Although keen-eyed collectors will probably recognise inferior tampo application to the Hot Wheels, especially if it is compared to the finer details on the Matchbox BMW 1M.


This one’s already enjoying a recolour in red in the latest mixes, so keep an eye out!


That’s all for now folks – hope you enjoyed the pics and thanks for checking me out!


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