The Tomica Limited Vintage Ferrari F40 is the Perfect Model

The day before yesterday I was looking at Danish Philanthropist J. C. Jacobsen’s private art and statue collection in the Copenhagen Glyptotek (founder of Carlsberg). As excited as I was to see the animal-headed deities of ancient egypt, the captivating nude figures of Greek gods, and the swirling oil masterpieces of Van Goph (admittedly I was more impressed by the Renaissance and Romanticist pieces in the Kunstmuseum) something else was always in the back of my mind – the exciting new members of my own collection which were waiting for me back home – a couple of Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Ferraris!

Tomica Limited Vintage give Ferrari an extra premium treatment – Tomica Premium box for comparison!

The problem with travelling the world to visit your boyfriend while having a cumbersome collection of 3 inch cars keeping you cheerful is that you’re always pining after one or the other no matter where you are. That’s why my IG followers get to see my little cars in all manner of outdoor locations – while a lot of folk are frightened of dinging and damaging their models, wear and tear is all part of the joy of collecting and showcasing my models wherever I want them to be. Since I have no intention to sell them on, any distress I feel at their damage is purely from an aesthetic point of view.


So, technically I still had to go get them from the post office, because an extortionate customs fee was still throttling my chances of opening my cars when I got home after a long day travelling my planes and automobiles (driving a strange Mercedes at 2am on a foggy night was not the most relaxing experience!). My dues paid, I happily opened my parcel from Japan Booster and embraced the contents I’ve been so excited for since they were announced all the way back in the summer of 2018!


Several layers of cardboard and illegible Japanese script (for me, at least) stand in the way of the model, which is cocooned in a plastic shell and a silky piece of protective wrap. I didn’t pre-order, because I wanted the yellow F40. It’s costlier than the red version due to it being a Japan/Tomy online store exclusive or something, so it’s already jumped higher in price now the first wave has been snapped up. The packaging is suitably luxurious, with Ferrari logos and official licensed product stickers in abundance, letting you know Ferrari and Tomy are serious about their relationship.


The hype for the models has been intense – it’s probably been one of the most anticipated announcements in the 1/64 diecast world (aside from if/when the UK will ever be granted the ability to walk into a shop and buy our own brand of diecast ever again… Matchbox…). I can safely say the hype is well deserved – I’d be the first to wax eloquent about my love for TLV since I started collected them last year, and these models just add to my love. They are in a league of their own, far above any other premium brand I can think of, and the new Tomica Limited Vintage Ferraris are spearheading their dedication to quality and accuracy – and now, playability, with the opening features!

tomica-limited-vintage-ferrari-f40-opening-hoodย With the car firmly doing the rounds on social media, I’ve seen a lot of people asking if it’s the perfect 1/64 scale diecast model. Is it? Well, it always depends on who you ask, of course – after all, there are plenty of people who detest supercars for some reason or another, and a yellow Ferrari F40 is sure to offend those purists and anoraks who vehemently deny that any car left the factory wearing anything but red (this yellow version is supposedly based off a number of early 90s models ordered in yellow from the factory specifically for Japan, which would also explain the differences in the tail lights – though a Ferrari expert would be better off confirming if this is true).


Whatever your opinions on Ferraris though, if we look at the objective accuracy of these cars, any comparison with a photograph of the real life counterpart and you’ll be hard pressed to find reason to complain. Enzo himself would approve, I’m sure, and aside from some leniency to allow the hinge action of the bonnet and boot, you feel as though you could walk up to it and hop in. The same could be said of nearly all Tomica Limited Vintage cars.


The TLV Ferrari F40 doesn’t have suspension, but the Dinos do. Some might be disappointed but I think the F40 works fine without the suspension. Everything’s metal aside from interior, windows and lenses, and those wonderful wing mirrors bring the little car to life!


Do I regret not getting the red F40 and the Dino coupe? I guess a little, but only because I know their execution would be just as perfect as the convertible Dino and the yellow F40. The reason I only got the two was because I know these are the ones I’d appreciate most. If I parked the red F40 next to the yellow one, it’d be the yellow I pick up to photograph all the time. Same goes for the convertible. So I wouldn’t want the other two feeling bad!


Others have said it, but unfortunately it’s true – once you get some Tomica Limited Vintage in your collection, it’s hard to get excited for other diecast brands. Even now I find myself photographing the rest of my collection less and less because nothing looks as good as Tomica Limited Vintage when I get behind the lens.

With the promise of more Ferraris from TLV including the delicious Berlinetta Boxer,ย  I’m anticipating a very expensive year ahead! One word of advice – if you want these Ferraris, get them new, because the price just keeps getting higher.

Happy collecting!


6 thoughts on “The Tomica Limited Vintage Ferrari F40 is the Perfect Model

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  1. I just ordered a red F40 – I am saving my different colour schemes for other models that may be released. My Kyosho 456GT is in that gorgeous deep blue finish.

    What is possibly a better casting is the Nissan Prince Royal……that is well worth consideration.


    1. The Prince Royal definitely caught my attention when it was released! Unfortunately with all the other wonderful TLV models coming out, it’s difficult to grab everything at once…


  2. Wow, I must say. The pictures in your blog are wonderful and give me a great get away with these fantasied little world of 1:64. I have not seen any pictures from anybody like that where more of the are mint on card. Your pictures are very colorful and cheerful . And you’ve earned a new follower. I’ve also waiting for my TLV F40 (red) coming to me from my friends from Asia. Can’t wait to explore some photo moment with mine. Cheers

    Liked by 1 person

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