The Matchbox NYPD 5 Pack doesn’t really belong in the UK, or in my collection – but it is here nonetheless

One of my favourite parts of collecting Matchbox cars are the 5-packs - the fully licensed sets look fabulous and provide an inexpensive way to instantly bolster your collection. Not all of them are great - I can quite happily pass on the construction sets, the military-style vehicles and the product placement cars (think SpongeBob... Continue Reading →


The Matchbox 1969 Volvo P1800S is one of their best

You will have to forgive the Matchbox bender I've been on - I make no apologies for my love of the licensed Mattel castings of the last decade, and I urge everyone to buy them before the crazy internet prices go into the clouds (they went through the roof years ago). This Volvo came in... Continue Reading →

Matchbox Land Rover 5-Pack

All I have to say is: It is about time! It must be almost a year since I remember telling Mr. Dino - seeing the latest online claim by that Lamley guy - that Mattel was bringing out an homage to the humble Land Rover with a Matchbox exclusive. Well, can you imagine my face,... Continue Reading →

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