I pre-ordered my Accelerator 426 Tomica Limited Vintage Tomicarama – and so should you! (If you like beautiful pre-made dioramas)

With the Lamley Group indulging in "TLV Week" recently, the masters of Japanese scale diecast have enjoyed plenty of exposure and discussion amongst collectors. Before I get onto the latest Tomicarama (which you can pre-order here at Ami Ami or here from Japan Booster) indulge me as I editorialise about my favourite premium diecast brand. I'm... Continue Reading →


Car of the year 2016

It was difficult coming up with a way to end the year. It's been a bad one for most people... what with all the celebrity deaths and the political upheaval both here and across the seas, there've been complaints aplenty. For me, it's not been so bad! Especially for Jasmine's Garage, which has grown more... Continue Reading →

Little Britons: MG 1100/ADO16

Launched in 1962, the MG 1100 was for many years Britain's best selling car - but it's hard to say if the Matchbox equivelant here matched the success of BMC's delightful compact. If you're going to buy a compact car, then and now it's the same - the Europeans do it best. The Car: MG... Continue Reading →


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