Matchbox Cars Returning to UK in 2019

Will We See Matchbox Cars UK Wide by 2019? I've got a big smile on my face as I write this, having photographed some cars on the first pleasant summer evening here for about 2 weeks. The big news this last weekend for fans of Mattel's Matchbox cars was no doubt the announcement of the... Continue Reading →


I pre-ordered my Accelerator 426 Tomica Limited Vintage Tomicarama – and so should you! (If you like beautiful pre-made dioramas)

With the Lamley Group indulging in "TLV Week" recently, the masters of Japanese scale diecast have enjoyed plenty of exposure and discussion amongst collectors. Before I get onto the latest Tomicarama (which you can pre-order here at Ami Ami or┬áhere from Japan Booster) indulge me as I editorialise about my favourite premium diecast brand. I'm... Continue Reading →

A matter of perspective

A thread came up on an online forum regarding perspective and photography of diecast cars. It's an interesting thing to think about, right? Why do so many people take ugly shots of their cars - just all scattered on a carpet, or in a dark room with grainy light, or on a creepy looking shelf... Continue Reading →

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