Car of the year 2016

It was difficult coming up with a way to end the year. It's been a bad one for most people... what with all the celebrity deaths and the political upheaval both here and across the seas, there've been complaints aplenty. For me, it's not been so bad! Especially for Jasmine's Garage, which has grown more... Continue Reading →


Stuttgart Superstar: Mercedes-Benz 300SE (W112)

Dazzling me with its┬ámetallic-gold paint, this car was one that ached to be picked up. Found in an antiques store in Horncastle, this is not the first time I have found a Mercedes-Benz in the exact same cabinet - the last one was the 230 SL roadster. The Car: Mercedes-Benz W111/112 There are so few... Continue Reading →

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