The Matchbox NYPD 5 Pack doesn’t really belong in the UK, or in my collection – but it is here nonetheless

One of my favourite parts of collecting Matchbox cars are the 5-packs - the fully licensed sets look fabulous and provide an inexpensive way to instantly bolster your collection. Not all of them are great - I can quite happily pass on the construction sets, the military-style vehicles and the product placement cars (think SpongeBob... Continue Reading →


Car of the year 2016

It was difficult coming up with a way to end the year. It's been a bad one for most people... what with all the celebrity deaths and the political upheaval both here and across the seas, there've been complaints aplenty. For me, it's not been so bad! Especially for Jasmine's Garage, which has grown more... Continue Reading →

Matchbox Land Rover 5-Pack

All I have to say is: It is about time! It must be almost a year since I remember telling Mr. Dino - seeing the latest online claim by that Lamley guy - that Mattel was bringing out an homage to the humble Land Rover with a Matchbox exclusive. Well, can you imagine my face,... Continue Reading →

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