The Tomica Limited Vintage Ferrari F40 is the Perfect Model

The day before yesterday I was looking at Danish Philanthropist J. C. Jacobsen's private art and statue collection in the Copenhagen Glyptotek (founder of Carlsberg). As excited as I was to see the animal-headed deities of ancient egypt, the captivating nude figures of Greek gods, and the swirling oil masterpieces of Van Goph (admittedly I... Continue Reading →


I pre-ordered my Accelerator 426 Tomica Limited Vintage Tomicarama – and so should you! (If you like beautiful pre-made dioramas)

With the Lamley Group indulging in "TLV Week" recently, the masters of Japanese scale diecast have enjoyed plenty of exposure and discussion amongst collectors. Before I get onto the latest Tomicarama (which you can pre-order here at Ami Ami or┬áhere from Japan Booster) indulge me as I editorialise about my favourite premium diecast brand. I'm... Continue Reading →

In anticipation of a busy weekend and week ahead, I may or may not be getting much written for a while. Either way, I want to share these photos now, because everyone deserves to be cheered up by a Mini Cooper! I'll also be posting a feature very soon on a firm favourite of mine,... Continue Reading →

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