Hot Wheels Hot Hatch: 2016 Ford Focus RS

The third generation Ford Focus RS was hotly anticipated to continue its namesake's chart-topping success in the UK, but also marked the debut of the model in the US market - so no wonder Hot Wheels chose to make it. I was lucky enough to find it today, and doesn't it just look fabulous in... Continue Reading →


Surf’s up! The newest tourist resort in Paradise Cove…

If I disappear for a few days, chances are I'm extremely busy writing articles for another publication, or I'm fiddling about with something trivial. This time, it was the latter! Remembering my time in the Caribbean, I suddenly had an urge to build one of those little shopping villages surrounded by colourful and rustic architecture.... Continue Reading →

Something arrived in the post

At some point, this vehicle belonged in someone's cherished collection. Then it became something that needed sending away. And now, it's in my hand. And it will go into my collection. And it will go back to being cherished. Some people are rather anal about what we can and can't do with model cars, particularly vintage... Continue Reading →

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