Sneak Peak

I know I've been inactive for a while. But soon you will see why! Here's a sneak peak at what I've been working on these past few days. I should have it finished before too long.


The “Backwoods Bomb” and the 1970s Camper

You cannot help but love this thing. First of all, I'd like to meet the person who doesn't feel like driving a dismountable RV across a country on an adventure. Then I'd like to slap some sense into them, because driving any kind of RV on a cross-country adventure sounds like one of the best... Continue Reading →

Thunderbird is go!

I just love the name "Thunderbird". Don't you? It's everything American. Cars that look like rocket ships and jet planes. Refrigerators with their own eco-systems. Roads that look more like shipping lanes. TV sets that look like they've just fallen off the Hubble telescope. The USA in the 1950s and 60s was out there -... Continue Reading →

Citroën CX

After creating that new Volvo, I've just gone station-wagon crazy! Remember that Citroën CX we did the wheel swap on? Well, I'm going to explain a little about the real thing, and give my opinion on the car. The first thing some of the nerds are going to do is berate me for having hooked... Continue Reading →

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